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Allen Perkins, Immedia/Spiral Groove

In this 40-minute interview, hifi industry personality Allen Perkins discusses his career as a turntable designer and the innovations behind his new company's reference-level SG1 ($14,000) and SG2 ($20,000) turntables. The interview also covers the formation of Immedia (his audio import/distribution business), his turntable design experiences at Sota and RPM, and a special sneak peak at his upcoming tonearm design.

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George Cardas, Cardas Audio

In this interview, Hi-Fi industry pioneer George Cardas discusses the birth of his company, the Golden Ratio, and his take on the need to "reinvent" the specialty audio industry.

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Srajan Ebaen,

Srajan Ebaen is the publisher of, one of the most interesting audio destinations on the web. Having been involved in the hifi industry from a variety of perspectives from sales to manufacturing to professional commentary, he occupies a unique position among audio journalists. In this interview, we learn about Srajan's background, the origin of, his take on current trends in the hifi industry, and his insights into the act of listening itself.

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Art, Zen and… Turntables: An Interview with Simon Yorke

In this candid, one-hour interview, artist and turntable designer Simon Yorke discusses a variety of topics ranging from his “musical childhood” to possible new products for 2006. Along the way, he covers his recent move from London to Spain, the Bauhaus influence in his work, misperceptions about vibration dampening, and the role that art and music can play in one’s life.

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